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State Senate District By Zip Code




Thanks to Rhonda for these! See email below for details. Municipal Counci. 2020 Zips for city, county and township. Thanks to Craig for these! See email below for details. Estes Park City and County Municipal Zips. Municipal Office of the State of Colorado. 2020 CO Coded Zips. Thanks to Kathy for this one. See email below for details. City, County and Zips. Thanks to Joey for this. See email below for details. Cities, Townships, and Zips from the State of New York. 2020 New York coded Zip Codes. Updated 12/21/2020. Thanks to Chelsea for this. Vermont. 2020 Vermont. City, County, and Zip Codes. Vermont ZIP CODES Updated 7/13/2020. Washington, DC Coded Zip Codes. City, Zip, and County. Updated 12/20/2021. Please email if you have questions. All N.C. zip codes for 2020. Thanks to our great friend, Nancy. North Carolina Zip Codes. Updated 10/15/2020. Wisconsin. 2020 Wisconsin. City, Zip and County. Updated 2/20/2020. Minnesota. 2020 Minnesota. Updated 2/27/2020. Alaska. 2020 Alaska. Florida. 2020 Florida. Updated 12/19/2020. Illinois. 2020 Illinois. California. 2020 California. Updated 12/14/2020. Michigan. 2020 Michigan. Updated 12/15/2020. Updated



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State Senate District By Zip Code

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